Short Tour (Trial)

I have had a few requests recently about doing a shorter version of my Tour, as the two miles, and ninety minutes, of the standard Tour may not suit everyone. It was also suggested that visitors to the Castle may not have the time to commit to a long walk, but may consider a shorter Tour.

I’m always open to suggestions.

Consequently, I am going to try out a new shorter route next week, which will be about a mile in length. This will mean missing out a stop that’s a bit out of town, and will reduce the time needed to come on the Tour to 45-60 minutes.

I hope to be able to include the main substance of the standard Tour, through sharing some photographs, but maybe not in as much depth as the normal Tour.

Time will tell.

To test this new route, I intend to run a Short Tour on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of next week (29 July, 31 July and 2 August), leaving from the Castle at 2:00pm. This will mean the Tour will finish just in time to enjoy your mid-afternoon complimentary cup of tea or coffee in Dobbins Inn.

I tested out the new route with my dog Maxx this morning (he didn’t like it as it was too short!).

It will allow visitors to our beautiful town to see some of the older parts of Carrickfergus along the way: St. Nicholas’ Church, Town Walls, North Gate and Shaftesbury Park, to name a few.

As my Tour concentrates on the role Carrickfergus played during the Second World War, I won’t be going into any great detail about those parts of the town, but I should be able to give a few pointers for the visitors to explore later for themselves.

The price for the trial run of this shorter Tour is £5 for Adults (16+), £3 for Youths (11-16) FREE for younger children. This includes a voucher, for each paying guest, entitling them to a complimentary cup of tea or coffee in Dobbins Inn.

The next Scheduled full Tour will be on Saturday 27 July at 10:30.

Other days and times available on request. Group bookings welcome.

I may be able to offer a supported visit to the US Rangers Museum on certain Tours – contact me to discuss.

I would hugely appreciate you sharing this information on your Facebook Page, and liking/follow the Tour’s main page, if you haven’t already.