Tour Dates Update

US Rangers – Activation Anniversary

This Friday (19th June) sees the 78th anniversary of the activation of the 1st Battalion United States Rangers in Carrickfergus: the only US Army unit ever formed on foreign soil.

To mark this occasion, I had planned to organise a special version of my Second World War themed Tour around Carrickfergus with an extra focus on the selection, training and onward journey of those Darby’s Rangers.

Unfortunately, due to obvious reasons, I have had to scale back on that.

I have adapted the route and content to make the best of the current situation. Three Tours on the 19th have been added to the Events section of my Facebook page.

These Tours still include visits to locations around Carrickfergus which were of special significance during the Second World War, from manufacturing, military and Home Front perspectives.

The Tour route is just over 2 miles long, on level ground, and will last for around 90 minutes.

The Tour starts from the pathway just to the left of Carrickfergus Castle (as you face the main gate). I’ll be there with a green rucksack, so you won’t miss me!

To comply with the current COVID-19 measures, the following changes have been made to my Tour:

• A maximum of 8 people (adhering to appropriate social distancing) per Tour

• To go on a Tour, you must pre-book a place

• The route has been amended so that it is entirely outdoors

• All the photographs that I show have been enlarged to A4 to make them visible from a safe social distance

• The few exhibits I carry with me cannot be handled by the Tour guests.

If you have any concerns or questions about the Tour, please get in touch.

Similarly, if you would like me to organise a Tour on another day or time, please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you.