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Winter Update


With the winter months now on the horizon, it’s impractical to offer Guided Walking Tours more than a day or two in advance, as many of my artifacts are too fragile to be exposed to poor weather conditions. That said, if you would like me to organise a Tour, and spot a decent short-term weather forecast, please get in touch and I’ll see what I can do.


I can come to a venue of your choosing to deliver a Presentation, including a small exhibition. Although my area of expertise is how the town of Carrickfergus was impacted by the Second World War, my Presentation provides a good introduction to those interested in examining their own wartime heritage: family, community, and/or locality.

The Second World War affected everyone and everywhere, but many of the local stories from this period need to be brought back to the fore. I can share my own journey of discovery, and help you prepare for doing the same.

If you are interested in a Presentation, please contact me to begin making arrangements. Presentations can be tailored to suit your requirements.