Pricing & Tickets

Open Tour

(1 mile, approximately one hour)

Adult (over 16): £6

Juvenile (11-16): £4

Families (up to 2 Adults and 3 Juveniles): £18

Bespoke Tour

Bespoke Tours are available by contacting me with your requirements. I will agree a price in advance based on that request.


All Tours

Children (under 11): FREE, if accompanied and supervised by an Adult (1 Child per Adult). Note, this Tour may not be suitable for Children under 5

Groups: Discount available for pre-booked Tours, depending on Group size. Please contact me in advance to arrange a suitable date and time, and agree an overall cost.

Prices include a complimentary regular size cup of tea or coffee, per Adult/Youth, in Dobbins Inn at the end of the Tour. The Tour Guide will provide you with a Voucher which you should present to your server.

Ticketing Arrangements

You can either pre-purchase Tickets for the Open Tour through Eventbrite or pay your Guide on arrival.

If you pre-purchase a Ticket for the Tour, please bring a printed copy of your ticket to present to the Tour Guide.

For Bespoke Tours, payment arrangements will be agreed at the time of booking.


In the event that a pre-paid Tour is cancelled, the following policy applies;

If Lead The Way Tour is unable to deliver a Tour, you will be offered a full refund. In addition, you will be given a 20% discount should you choose to re-book at a later date.

If you chose to cancel a Booking, you will receive a full refund if the cancellation is made at least one day prior to the Tour. There will be no refund if you choose to cancel less than a day before the Tour is due to commence. See the Eventbrite booking page for details.

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