Bevrijdingsdag 2021

My late mother was Dutch. She grew up as a child in Eindhoven while it was under German occupation.

She was always immensely grateful to those Allied service personnel who risked (and in far too many cases lost) everything to liberate her country.

The Dutch, as a nation, have not forgotten either. Tomorrow (5 May) is their Liberation Day – Bevrijdingsdag.

Awash with colour on Bevrijdingsdag

It is a really big deal for the Dutch. The whole country flies the national flag, and residents turn buildings, villages, towns and cities into a swathe of orange as flags, banners and bunting bedeck the nation. It is one of the most respectful, emotional and colourful commemorations in the world.

As my mum is no longer with us, on her behalf to all those brave young men – bedankt iedereen