Welcome to Lead The Way Tour

Lead The Way Tour is an emotive and unique Guided Walking Tour experience.

Step back in time and see how the County Antrim town of Carrickfergus played a hugely significant role in the Second World War.

Using a wide range of contemporary photographs, artifacts, stories, and visits to key locations, I take you back to the late 1930s and early 1940s, when events many miles away impacted on the people who lived, worked or were stationed here during WW2.

You will uncover an incredible period of history: air raid precautions; rationing; salvage; manufacturing of uniforms, parachutes, life-jackets and para-dummies; tank building; the arrival of British, American and Belgian troops; the formation of an elite US Army Battalion; a Military Prison and Detention Centre, the Ulster Home Guard; evacuees and refugees from the Belfast Blitz; and much moreā€¦

So, join me as I Lead the Way and discover the unique role Carrickfergus played during the Second World War.


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