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Lead The Way Tour is an emotive and unique Guided Walking Tour experience.

During the Second World War, as men and women signed up to serve in the Armed Forces, the civilian population found they also had an important role to play.

This was known as the Home Front.

The Home Front is remembered for many things including:

Air Raid Shelters, Gas Masks, ARP Wardens, the Women’s Voluntary Service, Rationing, The Black Out, Evacuation, The Blitz, Digging for Victory, Salvage, and Civil Defence.

Life on the Home Front played an important part of the war effort for all involved, and had a real impact on the outcome of the war.

My Guided Walking Tour takes you back to this period, using photographs, artefacts and visits to key locations to look at how my hometown of Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland, reacted to the War.

As well as the impact on everyday life for Civilians, you’ll discover how those who worked in factories, volunteered for a range of organisations, or were based here in a military capacity left their mark on this small County Antrim town.

If you think Northern Ireland was relatively untouched by the Second World War, I guarantee my Tour will change your view.

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