Tour Dates Update

Tour Arrangements – Autumn and Winter

2020 did not exactly go to plan!

Well, this wasn’t the way this year was supposed to pan out! The arrival of COVID-19 was a real setback, particularly as I was unable to run any tours from mid-March for three months. This meant that I missed out on a series of special tours planned for the V.E. Day weekend back in May.

All things considered, though, I had a more successful set of tours, all things considered. Despite the virus restrictions introduced in March, which brought the country to a standstill, I was able to re-commence tours in mid-June by adhering to specific virus countermeasures..

Soon after the re-start, a younger guest came on a tour. Based on feedback, I re-visited the content of my tour and developed a version aimed at a younger audience – a Junior Tour was born!

Through the Junior and Scheduled Tours, I met some really great people. A huge thanks to everyone who came along, especially the children who joined my new Junior Tours. I genuinely enjoyed meeting each and every guest.

Trees in Autumn Forest

The Changing of the Seasons

With the nights already closing in and the weather becoming more unsettled, I’ll not be arranging Scheduled Tours during the Autumn and Winter months. Instead, I’ll be offering tours on request until March 2021. If you want to come on a tour during this period, please get in touch and I’ll do my best to organise one on a day/time that suits you. I know the weather has a big impact on deciding when to go on a tour, so feel free to contact me at fairly short notice if the forecast looks promising.

Meanwhile, work continues to develop the tour for next year: further research into the town’s experiences during the war; hunting for more photos and pieces of memorabilia; and improving my “digital output” (fancy name for my website and social media channels!).

Throughout the Autumn and Winter, I’ll keep adding snippets of information and updates about the tour through my website and social media outlets – follow them to avoid missing out. The various ways to get in touch and follow my social media channels can be found here:

More to come

Before I forget, some things to look forward to over the next wee while:

  • Carrickfergus Castle is due to re-open on 1 October;
  • The Guard House near the Town Hall is about to open to visitors after its refurbishment; and
  • Two books are soon to be published – one on the local Ulster Home Guard and the other about Carrickfergus’ townscape through time.

My hometown may be small, but it’s packed with history!

Finally, I’m always open to receiving suggestions, advice and memories that help tell the story of my hometown during the war. If you have anything to share that you think I may be interested in, give me a shout. Every day is a school day!